GameFi (Coming soon)

Social element

  • Players can interact with friends in GameFi
  • Users can use the full-chain mainstream NFT settings to become their own avatar (step-by-step support, Avatarof protocol)
  • Users can set the name with ENS domain name and BNB domain name
  • Users can purchase TTC domain name with TTC
  • Through the TTC domain name, you can see the user's personal information, including all tree contributions, trophies, tree photos, etc
  • Users can display their DID panels and SBT trophies in various places in the Topbar and panels
  • Users can help friends fertilize, water, and weed in GameFi, and they can get certain rewards for corresponding operations, but a certain amount will be limited every day to prevent speculation
  • Users can assemble teams to run forest farms
  • Users can assemble teams to complete environmental protection challenges (SBT trophies, corresponding to real environmental contributions, such as planting trees)
  • Users can team up to challenge the Season leaderboard
  • Advantages: Strengthen social attributes and allow users to form teams to reflect social value.
  • The union non-profit organization system inside the GameFi