S. Gupta, Founder & CEO(KYC)

Twitter: @spideycyp_155

An experienced,self-driven and motivational Entrepreneur with a proven track record of success and extraordinary achievements. Proficient in monitoring trends and capitalizing on emerging opportunities. Gupta joined the crypto space in 2018, has played a crucial role in few of the biggest projects in BSC space in the past. Constantly interact with Elon Musk ever since and have been affected deeply by the vision for sustainable development. An Academician holds an expertise in Finance and international education. Has worked actively for UN SDGs and carried out action projects related to SDGs.

A-Kay, COO & CTO

A-Kay has been in the BSC space since late 2020, has worked as marketing head and technical officer in couple of projects that went beyond 100 Million market cap. A-Kay has been passionate about building projects with real world utilities.

Thomas Lee, CFO

A Chinese American,results driven international trading businessman,adept in cultivating strong relationships with business partners,resulting in large-scale financial growth. Executive Director of a Global Fortune 500 cooperation from 2014 to 2019 with extensive experience overseeing office operations and helping organizations reach their full potentials. Has dedicated into Crypto industry since early 2020,partnership with BSC project that exceed 100 Million Market Cap numerous times.

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