Swap $1 TTC to get 1 green energy.

SBT Green Energy are redeemable (Via Burning) GameFi Game Land (Entry Ticket)

  • GameFi NFT Sapling

  • Mystery Box

  • GameFi Game Internal Props (Fertilizer, Kettle, Pruner, Herbicide)

  • Upgrade game props

  • Upgrade level (the higher the level the faster the growth rate)

  • Breakthrough (the higher breakthrough level the faster the growth rate)

  • Quiz module (separate from GameFi)

  • TTC Membership Card Can be Upgraded by accumulating SBT Achievement Badge points.

  • Similar to the SSSVIP in mobile games, a large amount of benefits can be acquired

  • A Representation of senior users, TTC Outstanding Contributor

  • Ongoing empowerment, rewards and airdrops for senior level membership card owners.

The earlier the Soul Binding SBT enters, the higher the total revenue for players

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