TTC is launched on the BNB Chain (BSC) because it is a smart contract-enabled high throughput blockchain that boasts low transaction fees while maintaining a secure, fast, and scalable network at the same time.

There are many reasons why TTC was built on the BSC BEP-20 network:

  • Rich and growing Binance ecosystem ensures more possibilities for growth with access to the top technology stack.

  • BSC supports cross-chain DeFi mechanisms, which increases the DeFi interoperability.

  • Binance ecosystem funds and bootstrap innovative DeFi projects.

Token Details

Network: BSC (BEP-20)

Token Name: TechTrees Coin

Ticker: TTC

Decimals: 18

Smart Contract Address: 0x6A684b3578f5B07c0Aa02fAFc33ED248AE0c2dB2


Token Launch

UTC/GMT+8(Chinese Standard Time): Sep/10/2022 22.00 pm

UTC/GMT+8(Singapore Standard Time): Sep/10/2022 22.00 pm

UTC/GMT-8(Pacific Time): Sep/10/2022 07.00 am

UTC/GMT-5(Eastern Standard Time): Sep/10/2022 10.00 am

UTC/GMT+4(United Arab Emirates Standard Time): Sep/10/2022 18.00 pm

UTC/GMT+5:30(Indian Standard Time): Sep/10/2022 19.30 pm

Total Supply

6,900,000,000 (6.9 Billion)

5% Transaction Tax

3% Marketing + 2% Burn

Burning Mechanism

$TTC is a hyper-deflationary token with a burn mechanism in place to decrease market supply over time as an essential part of its economic model.

Where to Buy $TTC

Trade $TTC on PancakeSwap (BEP-20: 0x6A684b3578f5B07c0Aa02fAFc33ED248AE0c2dB2) or from any of our listed exchanges.

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