1. A new smart contract on the BSC to strengthen security and services, ensuring a holistic Defi infrastructure for growth. Pursue mass adoption opportunities and focus on market segments. Incubate and accelerate original innovations with high-performing developers.

  2. Staking farm on BSC to allow Tech Trees to generate rewards during transaction validation.

  3. Cross-chain bridge using proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain networkthat leverages validating nodes so users can swap assets between a myriad of networks. To build ETH Cross-Chian for laying the groundwork of being listed on Top Exchanges.

  4. Marketing boost across every platform with more media releases, advertising, and influencer partnerships. Huge marketing budget will be dedicated to making TechTrees Coin trending in the blockchain space.

  5. TechTrees Coin is hyper-deflationary, meaning dev will perform huge token burns periodically as the project hits major targets with the market cap.

  6. A pioneering Plant to earn and Donate to earn mode to be released.

  7. Merch and swag drop with brand new designs, ranging from t-shirts, hoodies, to shoes.

  8. Launch the first NFT collectible toys which are each unique with an NFC chip attached to the NFTs, providing the ability to ascertain the origin and authenticity of the toy, to create and certify scarcity and provenance for physical collectibles.

  9. Transaction tax will be annulled and token authority will be surrendered when TechTrees Coin's market cap exceeds $100 million.

  10. Listing on top CEX - OKX, Huobi, Binance, Coinbase, and more.

  11. Build partnerships with government agencies as well as international cooperation to develop innovative approaches in terms of blended finances and work with trade agreements.

  12. Promote citizen engagement for more sustainable and green lifestyle.

  13. Support field projects, build unique brand recognition.

  14. TechTrees Coin Credit Card For Crypto Integration

  15. Help to shape international climate agreements that will create powerful economic incentives to drive down carbon pollution globally.

  16. Work with allies to pass federal climate legislation in Asia,Europe and America.

  17. Protecting tropical forests and building global financial demand for healthy forests.

  18. Concentrate on technology-driven methods to lower the cost of trees planation.

  19. Harness powerful economic tools to make low-carbon prosperity possible while advancing the policies and practical steps to accelerate the transition,such as clean water and agriculture.

  20. Partnership with major food companies to create more resilient food systems and reduce climate pollution from agriculture using new technologies and market incentives.

  21. Sell surplus carbon credits to companies that exceed their limits through carbon emissions trading program in EU with estimated over $2 million trading, plays a crucial part in maintaining global warming below the critical thresholds of 1.5 °C. TTC will invite companies to partner for the cause of environment protection, aimed to lower the carbon footprint of the organization and the individual. TTC offers a simple, transparent, and traceable way to make your corporate social responsibility profitable and boost your reputation. We provide a solution to companies for their CSR initiatives, CO2 offsets, and the local people you help are featured in your product and service, showing your impact in real time.

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