Tech Trees- Dont build moats, build Tech Trees - Elon Musk

TechTrees Coin was founded in Q2, 2022 with a mission to reduce carbon emissions and to promote a green and a sustainable lifestyle.

The idea of TechTrees Coin was officially proposed by S. Gupta in response to Elon Musk‘s vision for low carbon emissions and sustainable development. The notion of ‘Don't build moats,build tech trees’ from Elon Musk is being carried out by TechTrees Coin through not only A.I to analyze satellite imagery, monitor the entire forests, predicting possible deforestation, but Tree-Bombing drones to speed up the planting process. The TTC was conceived to act as an international fundraising Web 3.0 organisation to support the work of trees planting, protecting tropical forests, and drive down carbon pollution globally.

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